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Tel Aviv hotel 

Meetings, Seminars and Workshops at our Boutique Hotels

Leave the office and daily routine for something different. Atlas Hotels provides meeting spaces at convenient locations with a unique atmosphere.

Event Halls at Atlas boutique hotels are the perfect place to hold team meetings and encourage creative thinking.

Boutique Hotels in Haifa, Tel Aviv - Jaffa and Jerusalem offer comfortable halls with a unique design space, that can be easily adapted to suite the specific needs of different types of meetings/seminars. 

Haifa – Hotel Bay Club – Event Hall “Patio” and Event Hall “Keshatot”

Offers Event Halls able to accommodate up to 40 people with various seating arrangements available (Circle, Lecture, etc). The hotel also offers the option of  more intimate style meetings (highly recommended for board meeting)  for up to 20 people.

business events Haifa hotel

meeting spaces in hotels in Israel

business events in hotels in Israel

Jerusalem – Harmony Hotel – Event Hall “Hatraklin”

The event hall is located in a historic building overlooking the charming Nahalat Shiva pathway.  Various seating arrangements are available with the ability to accommodate up 40 people.


In addition to quality food and beverage services Bay Club and Harmony Hotel offer free parking, free Wi-Fi visual aids and training as needed at all meeting locations.

Jaffa Tel Aviv – Market House Hotel – Event Room “Eshel”

New, modern, intimate space offers a meeting room that can accommodate up to 10 people.

Business meeting space Tel Aviv Hotel

Kikar Dizzengoff – Tel Aviv – Center Chic Hotel – Event Room “Hagalira”

Unique design space with various seating arrangements available that can accommodate up to 20 people.

business meetings Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion Airport Area – Sadot Hotel

New modern meeting room and conference room holding up to 60 people with various seating arrangements.
Both rooms have all the facilities to attend seminars and meetings.

business meetings in hotel

Business Event space Ben Gurion Airport

business meeting lobby in hotel in Israel

Both Market House and Center Chic offer free Wi-Fi, visual aids and a variety of food and drink options for events.

For more information and pricing please contact :

Ayelet Giat, Business Department Sales Representative +972- 52-3276003 / +972-3-5425568