Atlas Hotels Charter of Health and Cleanliness

At Atlas cleanliness is not a slogan, but a way of life!
We take the utmost care to guarantee a healthy, safe and sterile environment.
Our guests can feel confident that their stay with us will be an enjoyable, worry free experience.
We have stepped up precautionary measures throughout our hotels as the safety of our guests and employees is paramount to us.
Our same attention to detail, intuitive service and personalized care will remain untouched.

Uncompromised cleanliness and hygiene

Beyond thorough cleanliness which we have always maintained, the hotel staff has added to its detailed cleaning practices rigorous protocols.
All areas of the hotel - surfaces, air conditioning, and water systems, rooms including even the smallest items (we thought of everything!)
are treated with high standard, safe, disinfectant materials.
All laundry and textiles undergo high-temperature water of over 70 degrees, using safe, disinfectant soap.
Qualified professionals assist us to ensure first-class sterility. In addition, we offer our guests a personal hygiene kit in each room.
Hand sanitizing stations are scattered throughout the hotel public areas.

Monitoring a safe, clean environment

Our hotel is constantly monitored to ensure a safe, clean environment.
Using advanced technology all guests, staff, and suppliers have their temperature taken when entering the hotel.
Signed health declarations are registered for all staff members and guests and any issues which arise are addressed.

Protecting and ensuring a spacious environment

Atlas Boutique Hotels are designed to be both intimate and yet uncrowded.
We have adapted public spaces in our hotels to fit the principle of social distancing while maintaining our unique environment.
Our staff is equipped with protective masks and gloves, and each guest is provided with a personalized protection kit.

Food & Beverage

We will continue to pay attention, as we have until now to serve the highest quality of food and beverage.
We have customized our products in order to continue serving you top-notch meals, whether in-room, directly to your table,
or take-away picnic kits which you can take out for an indulgent urban picnic experience. All of this, of course according to hygienic and sterility procedures which we have developed.

Personalized Service Remotely

We will be happy to provide you with a full range of services also remotely, through WhatsApp, or through the app which allows
full contact with the hotel staff at any time, for any of your needs. With the app you can perform a variety of activities such as check-in, check-out,
making payments, ordering services and communicating with staff – all without physical contact.
This can be done from within the hotel, or even from outside of the hotel.