Business Events

Meetings, Seminars and Workshops at our Boutique Hotels

Leave the office and daily routine for something different. Atlas Hotels provides meeting spaces at convenient locations with a unique atmosphere. Event Halls at Atlas boutique hotels are the perfect place to hold team meetings and encourage creative thinking. Boutique Hotels in Haifa, Tel Aviv - Jaffa and Jerusalem offer comfortable halls with a unique design space, that can be easily adapted to suite the specific needs of different types of meetings/seminars.

Tal by the Beach | Tel Aviv


A classic meeting room that combines an elegant and modern look, including a projector and a Flipchart as well as, a refreshment stand. Suitable for 55 people in theater style, as well as the option for other various seating arrangements.


A luxurious, classical-style meeting and banqueting room. Seats up to 16 people around a meeting table, as well as other various seating options. There is the option for refreshments and hot drinks, and a TV screen for immediate connectivity to the computer.


An intimate meeting room with a unique and personal atmosphere. For personal conferences and meetings of up to 8 people, as well as meetings of a unique nature. The meeting room features an espresso machine, hot and cold drinks, refreshments and a 55-inch TV screen for easy and efficient computer connection.


A luxurious and unique meeting room for intimate and personal meetings, arranged with sofas and pleasant sitting areas. The conference room has an exit to the roof of the hotel, where guests can enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the sea, and a slim deck designed to provide an ultimate and one-time experience: cocktail events, refreshments, a food menu, advanced multimedia system, and personal services.

Market House | Jaffa


An inspiring hall, suitable for seating up to 10 participants. Free internet and the possibility of ordering varied and delicious meals and refreshments that upgrade the event to a unique and pampering experience.


AA spectacularly beautiful loft with a roof terrace overlooking the rooftops of Jaffa, which also serves as a meeting room with a home concept. The venue offers opportunities for conferences, business and family events, as well as launches - both indoors and outdoors, in an intimate, urban and stimulating atmosphere. Possibility to stay for a long time and to sleep at the location.

Melody Hotel | Tel Aviv


An intimate and classic meeting room for up to 9 people. The meeting room is styled with comfortable, well-designed straw chairs, a long vintage style conference table, highlighting, and warm-colored walls. The meeting room has a personal minibar, advanced multimedia options, and package options including a rich buffet breakfast.

65 Hotel | Tel Aviv

An impressive and intimate meeting room in the famous boutique hotel on Rothschild Street. The meeting room is decorated in a modern urban style, combining understated elegance and luxurious comfort. The meeting room offers guests rich and varied breakfasts, and lunches with a professional and personal service.

Fabric Hotel | Tel Aviv

An impressive and intimate meeting room in the heart of Fabric Boutique Hotel. The meeting room is decorated in a modern urban style, combining understated elegance and luxurious comfort. The meeting room offers its guests excellent and impressive refreshments with professional and personal service - up to 16 guests around a table, or 25 guests in a theater or circle arrangement.

Sadot Hotel | Ben Gurion Area

A new meeting, seminar and conference hall, that are spacious, pleasant and designed for seating arrangements of up to 80 participants. It includes projection systems, an erasable board, a Flipchart, and an electric scrolling screen — the possibility for special events, meals and tasty refreshments. There is also free parking for guests.

Harmony Hotel | Jerusalem

Event Hall “Hatraklin”
The hall is built in a historic building, overlooking a magical alley in Nahalat Shiva. Suitable for varied seating arrangements for up to 40 participants.

Hotel Bay Club | Haifa

Event Hall “Patio” and Event Hall “Keshatot”
Spacious halls for up to 40 people in various seating arrangements (circle and theater) as well as, seating for up to 20 people.

Nova Like | Eilat

A relaxing and spacious event hall for up to 80 participants. Suitable for business and private events, offering a calm and pampering atmosphere.