Booking Cancellation


Below are the cancellation options for orders made directly through the Company.
Orders can be canceled in accordance with the cancellation policy of the relevant rate, according to the Terms of Use and subject to the Israeli law.
Please note – Only orders made directly through the company can be canceled directly.
For reservations made through an agent, please contact the relevant agent to cancel the order.

Sales Department phone number: +972-3-5425555

Sales Department FAX: +972-3-7608920

Sales Departmenr email[email protected]

Cancelling your booking on our website:

If you placed your order on the website, you received a password in the confirmation email.
You can cancel using your email address and the password that was sent, at this link: click here


1. Making an order through the website: The customer will place orders on the website of the Atlas Hotels chain Ltd. by entering the credit card information. After entering this information, he will get a confirmation e-mail that will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the customer during the booking. This confirmation must be printed and presented to a clerk at the reception at the hotel for which the reservation was made.
2. Making a reservation through the website and provide credit card information by phone: unless decided otherwise by the Atlas Hotels chain – the customer may place the entire reservation on the Atlas Hotels chain website (without entering the credit card details only) and submit The details of his credit card to the representative of the Atlas Hotels Ltd. by phone (to the mobile phone number left by the customer). In this case, a booking confirmation will be sent to the customer’s e-mail address only after submitting the credit card details by phone and checking them. A representative of the Atlas Hotels chain Ltd. will contact the customer within 3 working days of the initial registration during the hours of operation of the reservations department of the Atlas Hotels chain Ltd.: Sundays-Thursdays from 08: 00-18: 00 and on Friday between the hours of 08: 00-12: 00 It will be clarified that there is no obligation that the booking will be made and that there will be space available for the hotel rooms that the customer requested to make at the time of contacting him to take credit card information. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation by the customer after providing the credit card details, his order will be considered as having been placed.
2.1. It will be clarified that the credit card details entered on the website of the Atlas Hotels chain Ltd. and / or given to its representatives by telephone are used to secure the reservation only and the card will only be charged upon arrival at the actual hotel, except for non-cancellable bookings the order will be charged immediately after it’s placed.
2.2. The determining date regarding the execution of an order and / or any cancellation and / or change in it is the date on which the order and / or the notice of change and / or cancellation will actually be received by the Atlas Hotels chain Ltd., whether made by email, regular mail, mail Registered or facsimile. In the case of a date that is not a business day, the order and / or the cancellation and / or change will be considered as received on the morning of the first business day thereafter. The date of each order will be counted as the date of which the customer got an e-mail confirmation for his order from Atlas Hotels ltd.
2.3. The date of making a change or cancellation in the order will be subject to the provisions of the Israeli law, including the Israeli Consumer Protection Law 1981 and the Israeli Consumer Protection (Cancellation of Transactions) Regulations 2010, as they may be at any time. Regarding a transaction made remotely – the cancellation can be made within 14 days of making the reservation provided that the cancellation is made at least 7 business days (non-rest days) before the date intended for arrival at the hotel (Section 2 (3) of the Consumer Protection Regulations – 2010. After this date it will not be possible to cancel or change the order, and the customer will be charged in full according to the original order for any change / cancellation / shortening / non-arrival / delay.
2.4. In the event of cancellation of a transaction on the above dates, Atlas Hotels Ltd. chain will be entitled to charge a cancellation fee, as stipulated in the Israeli consumer protection law (at the time of writing, the cancellation fee is 5% of the total booking amount or 100 ILS, whichever is lower).
2.5. Atlas Hotels Ltd. may set different and longer dates for cancellation / change / shortening of bookings – provided that this information is published in advance before the booking is made, and subject to the Israeli law.

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